Saturday, August 7, 2010

Are we not vinyl? We are Devo!

On a whim, under the influence of no psychoactive drugs whatsoever, I decided to order a 2009 reissue of Devo's "synth pop classic" Freedom Of Choice on red vinyl. Why? For no other reason than Devo and their marketing strategy makes me smile. Plus, it's another excuse to remind my kids of the existence and cool-factor of LPs.

I ordered it on Amazon, from a seller who offered it in new shrinkwrapped condition at a slightly lower price than retail. But this seller was special, as he used some interesting LP covers to protect the Devo album: Barbra Streisand's Superman, George Chakiris' Memories Are Made of These, and the original soundtrack to You Light Up My Life.

This seller gets Devo, and he gets me.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh yes he is

I've been a big Iggy fan since 1979. I've been a Teddybears fan since 2006. Mix some Swedes with an aging punk from Detroit, and voila, a song I haven't nearly gotten tired of yet.
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Could this be the defining song of Iggy's long and storied career? I lean toward "yes."