Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Didn't know this was a cover!

Just when I think I've got all the big rock music facts tucked away in my brain, along comes a reminder that there's always gaps:

Joan Jett (and The Blackhearts) made "I Love Rock 'n Roll" famous in 1980, which kicked off her career in fine fashion (and is still considered by many her high point artistically). Just found out that this was originally written and performed by a band called the Arrows in 1975, led by Alan Merrill. I prefer the A-side version, slower but a with more feel, over the sped up B-side, which is clearly the style that Joan adopted.

Too bad the Arrows didn't get much traction. It was a hell of a start for this English band but apparently the songwriting chops just weren't there to sustain the momentum. Alan was big in Japan for a time though in the early 70s. (Even acted on a Japanese soap opera!)

Here's a "live" performance from 1976. A bit of "moves like Jagger" going on, but they clearly knew how to get a song across to a teenybopper audience.