Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Favorite Songs of 2014

Here's a few tracks that I looooved in 2014:

Queen (England)
"Let Me In Your Heart Again"

Well, this is easily the happiest music news for me all year! Queen guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor took this unused vocal from Freddie Mercury, circa 1984, added new instrumentation and backup vocals, and the result was pure magic. So yes, I'm happy and a little sad of course. Because Freddie's still not really with us, is he?

The Earth (Wales)
"The Earth Beats The Machine"

Sorry there's no link directly to the song, but I recommend going to Google Play (or wherever) and listen to the soundbite of the last track, and maybe even buy it. It just gets more beautiful as it goes.

Little Dragon (Sweden)
"Klapp Klapp"

By far the best song on the album, this song swings and grooves in silky ways.

Echo & The Bunnymen (England)

Hey, it's those guys, from the 80s! Unless you're a big fan, they've been operating under the radar for quite some time, but they continue to put out gorgeously epic works like this.

Seasurfer (Germany)
"We Run"

Goth meets shoegaze. Lovely.

Mike Oldfield (England)

Deducting points for sounding like Greg Lake with King Crimson circa 1969, but still a very powerful, resonant song.

Off! (USA)
"I Won't Be A Casualty"

Whoo! Punk like it used to be. This link takes you to the whole album, where this song starts. This song is my new personal anthem.

Brad Mehldau and Mark Guiliana (USA)
Taming The Dragon

This is called a "jazz" album, but this track is in a category all by itself. And it is sooo cool...

The Notwist

The only favorite of 2014 I got from an iTunes' free download. I swear! It's just sweet and jamming. Enjoy.

The Ting Tings
"Green Poison"

Remember these guys? Trying to forget? Well, this is a nice change of pace, and reallllly funky. Is that a cowbell I hear? Play on!