Monday, December 31, 2012

Favorite Songs of 2012

Last week were the favorite albums.  This week, some of my favorite single songs of 2012.  To keep things brief, I've come up with three words that come to mind to describe each, and I'll let your ears do the rest.  Again, in no particular order:

The Raveonettes, "Sinking With The Sun" ... Glowing.  Sumptuous. Ringing.
Richard Hawley, "Leave Your Body Behind You" ... Yearning.  Epic.  Grand.
Micky Dolenz, "Do Not Ask For Love" ... Vocal.  Beautiful.  Surprise.
Memory Tapes, "Thru The Field" ... Stewart/Gaskin-esque.  Synth-y.  Bouncy.
Passion Pit, "Take A Walk" ... Personal.  Optimistic.  Personal.
Noisettes, "Contact" ... Shirley-Bassey-esque.  Orchestral.  Underappreciated.
The Milk, "Kimmi Kimmi" ... Swingin!  Soul.  Badass.
Nada Surf, "Teenage Dreams" ... Guitars.  Driving.  Message.
The Gossip, "Melody Emergency" ... Animal.  Emotional.  Groove.
Fun, "Some Nights (Intro)" ... Sneaky.  High-note 2:55.  Rhapsody!
Dr. John, "Locked Down" ... Swampy.  Soulful.  WelcomebackMac!
Devo, "Monster Man" ... Unstoppable.  Concise.  Riff.
Black Country Communion, "Common Man" ... Keyboards.  Funky.  Old-school.
Rush, "Headlong Flight" ... Pinnacle.  Massive.  Relentless.

And to follow-up on the lyrics/sentiments of that last song:  Some days will be dark, some nights will be bright.  Live life so you'll say "I wish that I could live it all again!"  (Thanks Mr. Peart)

Welcome to 2013, y'all!

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