Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My second-favorite band from Japan

Japanese synth/rock/blipblurp band Polysics released another album ("Weeeeeeeeee!!!") recently...but not in the States as of yet.  These guys are apparently almost as obscure here as my number one fave, the sadly folded (ridiculously named but oh so righteously rocking) Thee Michelle Gun Elephant.  Kinda early Devo-ish, but with a much more positive/fun vibe.  Don't let the Engrish deter you from digging these guys!  Dance like everybody's watching and enjoy.  Let's get some stateside support so we can bring them to the West Coast.  I so want to see them play live.

Here's another great one, from 2008:

And one more, from 2005:

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