Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Missing Ween a little less

Alt-rock pranksters Ween broke up a few years ago. For about 20 years, they were funny, weird, musically diverse, and talented in equal measure, but never predictable. The story goes that Aaron Freeman ("Gene Ween") of the band achieved sobriety and couldn't maintain his relationship with Mickey Melchiondo ("Dean Ween") who wanted to sustain his lifestyle of...oh who knows...but apparently involved drinking to some extent. Good for Aaron for doing what he must to take care of himself, but sad for Ween fans like me.

Well, Aaron just released a solo album this month and I'm happy to report it goes a long way to my getting over the grief of losing the band. There are sensitive moments, snarky moments, reflective moments, and just pure oddball musical moments, often in the space of a three-minute song.

While Aaron's music often sounds vaguely like someone else (say 10cc or Eels for example) the total package is wholly his own. Good for you Aaron! It will be interesting to hear what Mickey comes up with, if he decides to take a break from guiding fishing tours to make more music (and good for you Mickey for doing something you love as well).

Here are two samples. This album is going to stay on my active playlist for a good while.

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